Work Readiness Projects

Committed to work readiness training that results in significant measurable improvements for business.

The attraction and retention of contact centre staff is imperative to the efficient and effective management of the business/es the contact centre supports. Poor retention, high attrition rate of new entrants and inconsistent service levels are often the consequence of ineffective assessment and training.

PMI knows the value of experiential learning that incorporates lifelike simulation of the future working environment. Widely regarded as the most powerful method of teaching and learning, our unique contact centre simulation training takes work readiness training to a new level.


Putting contact centre employees or prospects through one of PMI’s simulation centre training programmes will enable them to:

  • Build capacity around specialised skills sets such as using technology, navigating through systems and keyboarding,
  • Better understand the contact centre environment,
  • Capture data effectively as well as follow protocol,
  • Instil effective call structure and promote the improvement of soft skills,
  • Obtain repetitive practice in handling realistic queries, requests, objections, and complaints in a contact centre environment,
  • Benefit from the feedback of coaches as well as colleagues and self-assessment.

In addition, PMI’s simulation centres also:

  • Educate individuals on the workings of various business sectors such as financial services, and telecommunications,
  • Enforce good time management and organisational skills,
  • Reinforce knowledge of the various acts and regulations as well as awareness of compliance issues,
  • Identify individual strengths and weaknesses and negotiate personal performance development plans.

Interventions are highly customisable and follow these basic principles:

  • Orientation
  • Theory lecture/discussion
  • Simulation
  • Evaluation
  • Business impact

For businesses that have utilised PMI’s contact centre simulation training, the improvements are significant and measurable, the most notable of which are:
Performance improvement

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased utilisation
  • Increased QA scores
  • Improved capturing skills
  • Reduced average call handling time
  • Higher sales conversion rates
  • Improved retention

Empowering contact centre agents with both knowledge and experience empowers the contact centre and business with a well-equipped, confident and effective human resource.

For more information or a presentation on our functional training, please contact us.


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