Mining, Construction & Engineering Training

Committed to offering 360° artisan training solutions that take the learner from training to employment and beyond.

PMI trains more than 1400 artisans annually. Our training includes:

Artisan Training:

  • Learnerships and apprenticeships,
  • Dedicated artisan training centres,
  • Scope, design and commissioning of new artisan training centres,
  • Outsourced operational management.

Mining Training:

  • Legal compliance training,
  • Onsite, outsourced delivery model.

In July 2010 PMI acquired Gold Field’s External Training Service from Gold Fields, providing best of breed industry knowledge, skills and experience.


Our qualifications

PMI is accredited by the Mining Qualifications Authority to provide the following qualifications and related Skills Programmes:

  • National Certificate: Rock Breaking Underground Hard Rock: 58760
  • National Certificate: Mining Operations for Underground Hard Rock: 58739
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Strata Control Operations: 62796
  • National Certificate: Strata Control Operations: 60369
  • National Certificate: Strata Control Operations: 59549
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Mineral Processing: 64889
  • National Certificate: Mineral Processing: 62769
  • National Certificate: Mineral Processing: 59305
  • National Certificate: Electro-Mechanic: 60295
  • National Certificate: Plater/Boilermaker (WQ): 23630
  • National Certificate: Plater/Welder (WQ): 23631
  • National Certificate: Electrical (WQ): 23625
  • National Certificate: Millwright: 23633
  • National Certificate: Diesel Mechanic (WQ): 23624
  • National Certificate: Fitting and Turning (WQ): 23625
  • National Certificate: Rigger Ropesman (WQ): 23813
  • National Certificate: Instrumentation Mechanician (WQ): 23628
  • National Certificate: Fitting (including machining) (WQ): 23627
  • National Certificate Winding Engine Driving: 21841
  • General Education and Training Certificate: Mining and Minerals Processes: 58267
  • ABET 1 – 3

Our campuses

Engineering training centres:

Jet park campus (Gauteng)

  • Electrical
  • Welding
  • Boilermaking

Welkom campus (Free State)

  • Diesel mechanic
  • Rigging
  • Welding
  • Boilermaking
  • Turning and machining
  • Electrical
  • Instrumental

Kuruman Campus (Northern Cape)

  • Electrical
  • Welding
  • Boilermaking

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