Manufacturing industry needs Production and Operations Managers

The manufacturing industry is key to a healthy economy; the great economic powers of the world are the great producers of the world, driving global trade, boosting other industries and creating employment.


Nicholas Kaldor (1908 – 1986), a post-war economist argued that economic growth was based on the fact that growth in the GDP, national productivity, and a country’s standard of living are directly related to the growth in the manufacturing sector of that country. In fact, he theorised that the growth in non-manufacturing sectors was associated with the growth of the manufacturing sector. Although Kaldor had his critics, he draws attention and debate to the importance of the manufacturing industry’s role in the greater economy.

South Africa’s manufacturing industry faces many challenges, including a turbulent global economy globalisation, and issues relating to labour productivity and efficiency. But perhaps one of the greatest challenges it’s facing is the critical skill shortage in its industry.

In the merSETA 2014 – 2015 Sector Skills Plan, it sites a number of key skills in its Scare Skills List. In addition to a number of trades, Production/Operations Manager (Manufacturing) falls within its top 10 pivotal occupations.

For almost four decades, PMI (previously known as Production Management Institute of Southern Africa) has specialised in training and skills development within this sector.

PMI’s production related Higher Education qualifications are effective in that our training focuses on workplace application and transfer of learning, creating graduates who are not only theoretically prepared for the role studied for, but who are skilled in the practical application of that learning.

PMI is registered as a Private Higher Education Institute and offers a number of Higher Education Qualifications, Short Learning Programmes (SLPs), Learnerships, Apprenticeships and skills programmes in this field, including its highly respected Diploma in Production Management (NQF 5), and Diploma in Operations Management (NQF 6).

Click here for more information and a full list PMI’s manufacturing, operations and quality related qualifications and Short learning programmes.

If the skills shortage is addressed, the industry will have the necessary skills and expertise to address the other challenges and drive growth, proving that skills development is a catalyst for positive change.

Jul 2015

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