Manage the risks and rewards of diversity management

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Effective diversity management can positively impact employee morale and team cohesiveness, reduce conflict and mitigate related HR and legal liability.

The opposite is also true!

Ensure your staff understand the importance of diversity management in the workplace, and its potential positive and negative effects on operational, HR, and legal issues, as well as the potential value effective diversity management can have on your business.

Our e-learning programme benefits both employers and learners:

Employers benefit from the reduced impact on operations and the reduced costs normally associated with traditional classroom-style training, as well as being able to monitor learner progress through daily and weekly reports.

Learners can work at their own pace, and they have access to 24-hour support and online communication and collaboration tools, they can also track their results in real-time and can complete the course when and where it is convenient for them.

Please click on the below link to download the course fact sheet and learn more about the benefits of this short e-learning course:

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Aug 2016

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