Logistics skills in demand for business performance

The role of logistics in business is critical to the business’ overall performance. In a commercial environment that is consistently becoming more competitive, efficient supply chain operations and management is a key differentiator. Logistics is the management of the flow of goods and services from the source of origin to the point of consumption; effectively implemented and managed, it can have a positive impact on cost structures and customer service, and in so doing, the overall profitability of the business.


With over forty years experience offering quality tertiary education/university category qualifications, PMI has assisted individual learners achieve the relevant qualifications to perform these functions at the highest level; and assisted employers to identify, train and optimise their human resource in these fields.

Entrance routes

There are a variety of entrance routes into PMI’s accredited Logistics qualification including Matric or an equivalent NQF Level 4 qualification, pre-assessment for access and placement, RPL – both workplace and academic credentials, ABET and related NQF 4 Learnerships and foundational programmes such as PMI’s Operations Management Development Programme.


The progression route then requires the student to complete one of two NQF Level 5 qualifications, either the Higher Certificate in Business Management or the Higher Certificate in Operations Management. Successful completion of either of these qualifications enables the student entry into PMI’s Advanced Certificate in Logistics Management (NQF 6).

PMI offers part time learning allowing a combination of work, study commitments and family life. With small classes, the use of credit accumulation and transfer – one or two modules at a time, and learning activities aligned to business needs all assist with transfer of learning and puts our students on a path to success

For further detail on these qualifications please contact us.

Jan 2016

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